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Jan 16, 2024

When you need to move your vehicle to another state, you have two options: drive it yourself, or hire someone to do it for you. However, there are many benefits to hiring a carrier to handle the care and transport of your vehicle. This article will address why and how to ship your vehicle across state lines—the easy way!

Find a Reputable Company You Can Trust

There are thousands of companies you can choose from, but what company is the very best, and the most affordable? Here are several important questions to ask yourself while viewing different brokers and carriers in your search for the right one:

  • Do they have online reviews available? Are the reviews primarily positive or negative? What’s their overall score?
  • Are they BBB accredited?
  • Are they 100% licensed and bonded?
  • Do they require any up-front costs?
  • What’s included in the quote? Are there any hidden fees I need to worry about?
  • Can they guarantee a delivery time?
  • Do they offer support services (user videos, a point of contact should any questions arise, etc.?)

The right company will answer your questions in a timely manner, while providing exceptional service throughout the car transport process. It’s worth getting your questions answered in order to find a transport company that will take care of your vehicle as though it was their own!

Request a Free Quote

One of the advantages of using a car transport broker is the time you’ll save. You want the very best quality and care over your vehicle while it’s in another person’s hands, but who has the time to search through thousands of carriers to find that right fit? Place your trust in a car shipping broker like Ship A Car Direct to do all the work for you! All you have to do is request a free, no-obligation, online quote. Simply fill out your vehicle’s pick-up and drop-off location; the year, make and model. Within seconds, you’ll receive an estimate that includes a quote range (factors include whether or not you need the service expedited, and how many carriers are available).

The Perfect Car Shipping Company at the Right Price

Ship A Car Direct is America’s most trusted car shipper thanks to their Damage-Free Guarantee! Contact them today and they’ll find the right carrier for your needs. Need proof? They weed out more than 80 percent of carriers (out of 7,500!) so that you end up with the very best care and quality. Contact them today, and transport your car the easy way!

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