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Jan 16, 2024

How to Ship a Car Safely

Are you handing your car over to a car shipping company but aren’t sure what you need to do to prep it correctly? Our quick and informative guide will teach you the basics, so by the time you drop it off, it’ll be a smooth and stress-free process.


Give Your Car the Once Look Over  

 Inspect your vehicle for any existing damage like dents, scratches and anything else that’s ‘off’. It’s always a good idea to wash your vehicle before shipping it—that way, you’re able to easily see any minor damage to your car. Take photos of any dents, etc. for your records. Sometimes scratched paint and dents can occasionally happen while your car is being transported. If that happens to your vehicle during transport, photos taken during the pre-shipping process will allow you to accurately fill out the Bill of Lading so you stay protected


What About Valuable Items?  

 It’s important to do whatever you can to minimize your car’s risk of injury before it makes its journey—no matter how short or long its drive may be! Fold your side mirrors in, place your antennae in the trunk, and secure any loose parts before shipping it off.


Give It a Maintenance Check

 If you’re transporting an inoperable vehicle, may sure to tell your transport carrier before dropping it off. If your car is in operable condition, it’s important to give it a maintenance check before handing it off. Get its mileage checked, top off all of its fluids and make sure your vehicle has a full battery charge.

 At Ship A Car Direct, we pride ourselves on taking care of our customer’s vehicles with as much care as would with our own.  Whether you’re have a everyday or vintage vehicle, we’ve got the perfect transport option and carrier for your unique needs! Contact us today and learn about our damage-free guarantee!


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