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Jan 16, 2024

Millions of people move each year. Many of them, for a variety of reasons, choose a car shipping service to get their cars to their new home state. In addition to considering cost, reputability, and the safety record of the shipping service, consumers must also decide how they want their cars shipped. Should you choose an open or closed car carrier? Here are a few things to consider.

Open car carrier

You’ve likely seen these on the road a lot. Open car carriers are open trucks, with no sides or roofs, often with two racks. Multiple cars are loaded onto the top and bottom racks and safely secured.

Closed car carrier

Closed car carriers use large box trucks to transport fewer cars in an enclosed environment.

Both types of carriers are designed to get your car safely to its destination. Which one you choose will depend largely on goals other than mere arrival. These may include:

Cost – Open car carriers carry more cars and are more common. As with most business models, higher volume equals lower cost. If cost is your primary concern you will probably want to start your search with open carriers as a first option.

Speed – Open car carriers can generally have your car to you faster. Again, more trucks are available and can accommodate more cars. If you need to have your car sooner rather than later an open carrier is the way to go.

Protection – Is your car more than just a car, but your beloved baby on wheels? Opt for a closed carrier. Open carriers offer no protection from the elements, debris, vandalism or mischief. Closed carriers offer more protection for your custom, classic or antique car.

Car shipping is an easy and convenient way to get your car to its final destination. In most instances, open car shipping is the fastest, most economical option. If your primary concern is for the protection of your vehicle and speed is a secondary issue, opt for a closed car carrier.

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