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Jan 16, 2024

When you move from one state to another, or completely across the country, it might make sense to have your car shipped. This can leave you with better options for how to get to your new home. You could fly, drive with your spouse or moving partner or drive a moving truck yourself, without having to worry about towing the car with you.

When you decide to transport your car, you will be presented with several different car shipping rates.   Making sense of these different rates options can be confusing.  Why are some rates more than other, are you getting better service or more options from one carrier vs. another?

Here are some reasons why car shipping rates differ.

Shipping Distance:
Distance will impact the rates significantly.  Remember that the carrier has to pick up and deliver door to door, so your specific location will affect rates.

Shipping Date:
Different carriers have different availability and schedules.  If one carrier is experience a slow time, they'll most likely offer a competitive rate.  If the carrier has a tight schedule, the may charge more, and take only the most lucrative contracts.

Car Carrier Type:
The type of shipping method you choose will also impact the car shipping rates. You can have your car shipped on an open carrier or inside of a closed carrier. The closed carrier will cost more because that type of shipping method protects your car from extreme heat, rain, cold weather and the general dust and debris that cannot be avoided on the road.

If you care comparing shipping rates, Safe-Direct Car Shipping can help you find the best prices and the highest quality. You will not only have access to our wide variety of carrier companies, you will also be able to depend on the us help you manage your details, such as the type of carrier you prefer and the dates of your move.

We'll explain the rates to you, so that you know exactly what you are getting and how the process works.

We are the only car shipping company that offers a full 100% damage free guarantee.  If your car is in any way damaged, our carriers will cover the costs, or WE PAY!

We have earned some of the industries highest recommendations and reviews.  Give us a call today for a free quote!

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