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Jan 16, 2024

A self-driving car - which is often referred to as an autonomous vehicle - is an interesting idea and many are supportive, but are they actually a viable option? The development of a self-driving car has come a long way, but there still are some concerns to be aware of before you get behind the wheel and drive one.

They Don’t Respond to Human Error

Self-driving cars are fairly good at navigating a straight road without any traffic. However, they are not yet able to respond to human error, which accounts for the great majority of car accidents.

In the event every car was a self-driving car and there wasn’t any human interaction in the matter, then perhaps they would make for safer roads. However, a world where self-driving cars and human driven cars are intermingled is not, at the moment, practical or safe.

According to a study done by Business insider, only 35% of people would be okay with their child riding in a self-driving car.

They Aren’t Completely Legal Yet

There has been a lot of speculation over whether or not there is anything in the laws that speak towards or suggest whether or not self-driving cars are legal. Of course, at the time traffic laws were introduced, the idea of a self-driving car was not considered.

However, most driving laws state that the driver must have a hand on the steering wheel at all times, which suggests that the use of a self-driving car isn’t a legal practice, and it would take a law change to make them legal in all states.

It Will Take Time Before They Become a Reality

While there certainly might come a time when self-driving cars are a constant, that reality is still far away. Until self-driving cars are able to adjust to human error, stop for policeman directing traffic due to a special event, etc., they are not a practical solution. Looking to move your vehicle from city to city, or state to state safely? Ship a Car Direct can provide you with a guaranteed, safe and affordable move. Contact us today to learn how we have earned hundreds of 5 star reviews for being the superior car transport company!

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