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Jan 16, 2024

You’ve made the decision to ship your car overseas, but the process seems complicated. Is it complicated – really? Nope! We’ve got your steps mailed down to a simple science. All you need to do is follow our guide, and presto! You’ve just made shipping simple. 

What Documents Do I Need? 

Key information you’ll need to provide include:

  • Personal identification. Provide two forms of identification. This can include state issued ID, driver’s license, passport, etc. 
  • Car title. Plan on bringing two copies: one for putting in the vehicle, and another for presenting at the time of the booking. 
  • Proof of ownership. To ship a vehicle overseas, you must be able to prove that you own the rights to the vehicle. You’ll need to provide a bill of sale before you can ship your vehicle. If you are leasing or financing, you’ll need to present a copy of the lien authorization, notarized by the lien holder. 

Return all the paperwork to the car transport company. They will also need you to sign a consignee form and a container list. The consignee form will be provided by the shipping company and required for you to fill out before your vehicle can be shipped. It will include your name and address, phone number; and the country you’re shipping your vehicle to. You’ll also need to fill out the make, model, year and estimated value of your vehicle. 

The Right Company, The Right Value 

Although it requires some effort, time and money when choosing the right company to ship your vehicle, the payoff is worth it. Hiring a shipping company means all the work is done for you. You can fly to your destination worry-free, knowing your vehicle will arrive by professionals that know what it takes. Contact Ship A Car Direct for the kind of service you expect, at the price you need. 

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