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Jan 16, 2024

Until recently, self-driving cars have been science fiction, but they are gaining popularity and becoming a reality. Self-driving vehicles are fitted with autopilot technology, sensors, and cameras to navigate the car instead of the driver’s expertise or instinct. Self-driving cars give an impression of the best machine a person can acquire, but like anything else, have some pros and cons. In this article, we’ll address them all!

They May Lower the Rate of Accidents

A recent study determined that 90% of accidents are caused by human fault (mainly distracted driving) while 10% is caused by vehicle break down, overwhelming variables, and poor weather conditions. Upgrading to self-driving cars could decrease accidents by 90% and possibly cut accident-related expenditures. Additionally, people living with disabilities have an advantage since the self-driving vehicles offer freedom and guarantee mobility.

They’ll Improve the Overall Safety of Motorcyclists

Motorcycle drivers are some of the most vulnerable drivers on the road. Poor visibility places them at a greater risk since they do not have a protective steel cage, safety belts, air bags, or other protective measures during an accident.

Self-driving cars make it safer for these motorcyclists to drive near them since they do not have blind spots thanks to the cameras and the sensors installed around them. Now that you know some of the advantages of self-driving vehicles, let’s take a look at the disadvantages.

With a Driver, They’re Without Human Instinct

A typical car would swerve or slam on the brakes in case a pedestrian is on the road in an attempt to avoid hitting them. Unfortunately, that is not the case with the self-driving car. The technology installed in self-driving vehicles have no human instincts that can prevent an accident from happening.

They’re Vulnerable to Hackers

Self-driving cars depend on combined cloud technology to increase their capability to drive safely. In case there are traffic or poor weather conditions, the information is uploaded to the cloud and downloaded to improve other cars’ driving abilities. Unfortunately, this combined cloud technology is vulnerable to hackers and other forms of cyber-attacks.

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