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Jan 16, 2024

Many people are faced with the question of whether to ship their car or drive it themselves. For most, the answer to this question depends largely on how much it will cost. At first glance it might seem like driving your car would be the cheaper option but when you look a little closer you might find that shipping your car is a more cost-effective solution. Here is what you need to consider when choosing whether it’s worth the cost to have your vehicle shipped. 

  • Many people are busy and might not have the time to take several days off to drive their car across the country. You might have to use valuable vacation time or even take time off without pay. When you consider the cost of taking time off work, you will find that it quickly adds up.
  • When you are driving your car a long distance you will certainly need to account for the cost of gas. Gas prices will vary greatly depending on where you are, but it could be upwards of $4.00 a gallon in certain parts of the country. 
  • Obviously if you are driving across the country you will need to factor in the cost of hotel accommodations and food. Hotels can range anywhere from $80-$150 a night and two to three meals a day could cost roughly $30-$40 per person. 
  • Some people prefer to fly to the destination and drive their car home. In this case, you will need to consider the cost of a one-way ticket and it’s no secret that plane tickets can be expensive. 
  • Finally, your car will need proper maintenance in order to drive it a long distance. This will include oil changes, tire rotation, and other routine inspections and maintenance repairs. You also want to consider the wear and tear that heavy mileage will put on your car. 

All these factors can add up quickly and end up being very costly. This also doesn’t factor in unforeseen hazards that might be associated with long-distance driving such as breaking down, hitting an animal, or even the possibility of a car wreck. These are things to take into consideration when deciding whether shipping a car is right for you. You might just find that shipping your car is worth the cost because it is affordable, safer, and better for your vehicle. 

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