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Jan 16, 2024

Though it is similar to shipping a running vehicle, there are a few different steps that should be taken when shipping an inoperable vehicle. An inoperable vehicle refers to a vehicle that cannot be driven safely and effectively. This might mean that your vehicle won’t start up at all or it simply has mechanical issues that prevent it from running correctly. Either way, if it cannot be loaded onto the carrier it will be considered inoperable. The good news is that inoperable vehicles can still be shipped safely across the country. Here are a few important tips to keep in mind when shipping an inoperable car. 

Find the Right Auto Shipping Company

The very first thing that needs to be done is to find an auto shipping company that is capable and willing to ship a vehicle that is not in running condition. Not all companies can provide auto transport services for inoperable cars because special equipment is needed to load them and unload them. Generally, a piece of equipment called a winch is needed to load an inoperable vehicle onto a carrier and this accessory does not come standard on transport trucks. Not only should you verify that the shipping company has the proper equipment, but you also want to inquire about the cost, as there is usually an additional fee for inoperable vehicles. 

Do Some Research

Once you have verified that the shipping company is capable of shipping an inoperable vehicle, you want to do adequate research to make sure the company is both qualified and reliable. Oftentimes people who are shipping inoperable vehicles are shipping classic or antique vehicles that require specific work. In this case, the owner of the car wants to ensure their classic or antique car is in good hands during transport. Therefore, you should check customer reviews, check the Better Business Bureau, and also check to ensure the company is properly licensed and registered with the Federal Department of Transportation. 

Prepare Your Vehicle for Shipment

Prior to handing your vehicle over for shipment, there are certain things you should do to properly prepare your vehicle for transport. Make sure the vehicle can steer, roll, and brake. Even though the equipment can lift the vehicle onto the carrier, it still needs to be able to roll, steer, and brake. If the vehicle is damaged to the point that it will not roll, additional assistance may be required to lock it in place on the trailer. You will need to inquire about this additional assistance when requesting transport service. Also, be sure and tell the transport specialist about the condition of your vehicle. Issues and extra fees could be applied if you fail to inform the carrier ahead of time.

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