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Jan 16, 2024

After you have done your research on car haulers, after you have contacted Safe Direct Car Shipping and placed your order, you may be wondering what to do to get ready for the car hauler. Here are the quick answers to the common concerns so you can be ready for the truck and driver on pick-up day.

 Your carrier driver will need your keys on pick-up and throughout the transport.

For standard, operational vehicles your car will be driven onto the car hauler. Since your car will be on a truck with a few other vehicles, it may need to be offloaded briefly during the transport depending on the route and the unique addresses of other pick-ups and drop-offs.  For that reason, your driver will need to hang on to those keys.

Your vehicle does need some gas in it.

As mentioned above, because your car will be driven on to the truck under its own power, it will have to have a little gas in it. A quarter of a tank should be sufficient, but if you have more gas left over when it’s loading day, that’s fine too.

 You do not need to provide documentation.

The driver will bring paperwork for you to sign, but you do not need to provide any proof of insurance or power of attorney or anything like that – even if you are leaving your car to a friend to load/unload.

You don’t need to wash it.

It is going to get dusty during transport. Really dusty.

Taking pictures on pick-up and delivery is a terrific idea!

It’s not required, but in the unlikely event you should need to follow-up on damage, photographic documentation is handy.

We don’t recommend leaving stuff in the car.

Though it would be convenient to use your transport to ship belongings too, we can’t include that in your car shipping quote. While there are some situations for which a bag or two in the trunk might be overlooked, you will have to defer to your driver. Depending on the weight of the entire load you might incur additional fees or you may have to remove your things before the car is loaded.

Still have questions about how to get ready for your car hauler? Give us a call at 866-221-1664, a representative will be happy to help get you the information you need!

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