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Jan 16, 2024

How to Choose the Perfect Shipping Company For Your Car

If you need to move your vehicle, finding the right transportation company can seem like a daunting task. Understanding the benefits of using a qualified and experienced transport broker to ship your vehicle can make the process simple.

They Have a Library of 5 Star Reviews

 Reviews are key – and a simple way to predict what kind of experience you’ll have as a customer.  Consider it a shortcut to finding the shipping company within your budget, your time frame and the experience you need. Here’s a helpful tip: go to a few car shipping company’s websites, search through their testimonials, and look for patterns in the reviews. Are you reading the same things over and over again (for good or bad)? Get a quote from a few different reputable shipping companies, and go with your gut.

A Transport Broker That Takes Care of the Hard Work  

Consider a car transport broker to save you time and resources when choosing the right company.  Often times. They can even work out a more competitive rate for your vehicle than you could get alone. But not all brokerage companies can offer this—which is why finding the right company to seek out the very best shipping company for your needs is essential. At, they never use the “terminal to terminal” shipping process, but instead, finds one quality carrier to pick up your car and drops it off to you—safe, sound and taken care of with precision and detail.

The Right Transport Broker Will Offer You ‘Extras’ You Can’t Do Without

Many transport brokers just do the bare minimum, connecting customers with a carrier—and that’s it. Ship A Car Direct continuously stands out from the competition because of their Iron-Clad, Damage Free Guarantee and superior service, and their free user video and email series—which will keep you informed and educated every step of the way.

As a highly reputable car shipping broker, they carefully screen every available carrier for their customers, and ensure they are fully insured and prepared to give your vehicle the royal treatment. Learn all about the benefits of choosing Ship A Car Direct as your transport broker, today and find the right shipping company for you!

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