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Jan 16, 2024

Relocating from one state to another can be a big task, but auto shipment can alleviate some of the hassle. Rather than driving your car all the way across the country, auto shipping is a much more convenient option. Auto shipment services can also make it possible to purchase your dream car, no matter where it is located in the country! That said, your car is one of your most valuable assets so it’s understandable that many people would be nervous about handing it over to a stranger to ship it hundreds or thousands of miles away. When you are working with a reliable auto transport company, they should offer you the choice between shipping your car on an open or enclosed carrier. Although it costs a bit more, there are several benefits to choosing enclosed transport. 

Protection From Outdoor Elements

For many people, their biggest concern is that their vehicle will sustain scratches or dents while in transport. While most reputable companies take special care when handling vehicles, weather and outdoor conditions are unfortunately out of everyone’s control. Heavy rain, gusty winds, snow, hail, or ice can potentially cause damage to your vehicle. Cars on an open carrier are also more vulnerable to flying debris such as rocks, sticks, and pebbles that could strike the car during transport. The only way to ensure your car will be completely safe from hazardous outdoor and weather conditions is by shipping it in an enclosed carrier. 

Protection From Burglary or Vandalism

Another benefit of enclosed transport is that it minimizes your vehicle’s exposure to burglary or vandalism. Burglars tend to target vehicles that are visible on an open carrier. This is especially important if you are shipping a luxury or antique vehicle. If your vehicle is on an open carrier, vandals and burglars are more apt to try and steal parts of your vehicle while the carrier is stopped. Burglars have also been known to break into vehicles on open carriers looking for personal items. An enclosed carrier will give you assurance that your vehicle will not be burglarized or vandalized while in transit. 

Extra Protection for Luxury or Antique Vehicles

When you are shipping a luxury or antique vehicle you want to take extra precautions to ensure it is safe from damage. Since it’s not easy to replace these one-of-a-kind vehicles, you want to take a few extra steps to make sure your vehicle is safe. An enclosed carrier is the safest way to transport your vehicle and you can be sure it will arrive at your destination in the same condition in which it left. 

Stress-Free Experience

The most obvious reason for choosing enclosed transport is the chance to have a stress-free experience as a customer. You will have peace of mind knowing every step has been taken to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Despite the added cost, enclosed transport is the safest way to ship your vehicle. 

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