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Jan 16, 2024

You’ve done it – you’ve found the perfect car. The problem? You found it online, and it’s halfway across the country! If you aren’t able or don’t want to pick it up yourself, go the convenient route. Have it shipped by a company that can do all the tedious work for you! This blog post breaks down the costs, and how to make the process seamless. 

Common Costs To Move Your Vehicle 

If you get quotes from 5 different car transport companies, expect five very different quotes. This is because many brokers will charge you a deposit, handling fees, fees based on the type of vehicle shipping your car and even the time of year you need it shipped. 

While the fee to ship your vehicle will commonly be based on the type of carrier you’re using (open vs. closed transport), the type of vehicle you are moving (ex: luxury vs. classic car vs. SUV) and how urgently you want it delivered, beware of the low-ball offers, or having to pay “upfront”. You should never have to pay an up-front deposit for your vehicle. Pay upon delivery with the agreed-upon price, without hidden fees. 

Why are the prices I am getting all over the map?

The hardest thing for people researching car moving companies to understand is that the prices they are getting are not hard and fast guarantees, but rather ESTIMATES of what one company thinks it will take to get a vehicle moved promptly versus another company's opinion of what it will take. Don't be fooled, there are not carriers committed to taking your vehicle at these quoted prices, the company you choose will still have to get to work getting a carrier to commit to moving it at the price they quote you.

Ship Your Car With a Reputable Company 

With so many choices of shipping companies that can take your car from point A to point B, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Some shippers will offer you a low-ball price, but cut corners on insurance, or customer service. Not Ship a Car Direct. They offer an iron-clad guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied. Check out their hundreds of 5-star online reviews to prove it and schedule your free consultation today. 

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