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Jan 16, 2024

Whether shopping for a car online or visiting an auction in person, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular sites and locations for auto auctions currently available.

  1. Auto Auction Mall

This is the largest database of salvage, pre-owned, and used cars.  No other site allows such customizable options, allowing you to find virtually any car you want.

Their support staff is also very knowledgeable and will walk you through the bidding process, account setup and financing. Everything you need is right here!


While doesn’t have the inventory (approx. 100,000) as its competitors, it does offer a new inventory of vehicles daily; including electrics, hybrids, sedans, ATV’s, and motorcycles.  And the best part: no dealer license is required to bid!

  1. America’s Auto Auction

Sure you can bid online, but when it comes to vehicles, wouldn’t you rather see it in person?

With over 20 locations throughout the US, America’s Auto Auction creates an atmosphere for buying and selling vehicles you just can’t get online. Their on-site detail and mechanical shop helps get your vehicle at its best before sale and inspection team is ready after you buy.  With their online inventory, you can search for exactly what you need before, so you know what to expect after.


Exclusivity does have its perks!  Some auction sites, like, are for members only and those dues can pay for huge savings when it comes to bidding on a vehicle.  With annual sales like the $10K & Under Sale (exclusive to members only) it’s worth spending a little to gain a lot!

  1. Ebay Motors

Ebay Motors runs very similarly as the world’s largest auction site, and the same rules and strategy do apply.  Ebay Motors offers 2 different seller types: Dealership and private sellers. They do not, however, offer the same types of deals you’d find at other auctions, but they do offer more variety such as specific car parts or accessories.


Signing up for an account with Dashub will open you up to an inventory of approximately 200,000 selections, exclusive for members.  Most of these vehicles are sold at a fraction of the cost.  The only downside is that sales are open to bidders all over the world, allowing most dealerships to auction off and win most bids.

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