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Jan 16, 2024

Wanting to ship your car but have some worries about the process? Overwhelmed with the quotes you’re getting, or just have questions about how to filter through the dozens of brokers out there? We’ve got you! Learn how to avoid the avoidable when it comes to car shipping. It’s easier than you think!

The Off-Route Destination

Imagine this: you’ve chosen your transport company, and you’ve signed the agreement. But, your vehicle isn’t on time for delivery because the driver had to take a different route to get there. This causes the process to slow down and throws your entire schedule off. What? If you’re planning on a long-distance move, be proactive ahead of time. Do your research with several reputable companies to understand their route process to avoid a slower delivery. Take time to read reviews and ask questions about their communication.  

Damage Done, But They Aren’t Paying

Car damage can be a common problem if you aren’t prepared. Be vigilant and extra mindful before you hand your vehicle over for any dents, scratches, or cracked glass. Fill out a report describing anything already done to your vehicle, so that the company you choose is held accountable should any damage occur in the transportation process.

The No Muss, No Fuss Car Shipping Company

At Ship A Car Direct, we like to keep things simple, direct and transparent for the customer. There are no hidden fees, no up-front deposit required and no drama! We provide the best customer service around – just check out our 5-star online reviews, and receive a free quote today! 

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