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Jan 16, 2024

The novel coronavirus pandemic has brought much of the world to a halt, but that hasn’t stopped people from purchasing new cars or even moving to a new state. This has left many people in need of transporting their vehicle from one destination to another. Luckily, the Department of Homeland Security has designated transportation as an essential industry, meaning that auto transport carriers are still permitted to haul vehicles all over the country. Although COVID restrictions will not affect your ability to ship anything, you might be worried about the safety of yourself and others if you choose to use an auto transport company. The good news is that there are safety protocols in place to protect both customers and auto carriers during this time. You will even find that auto shipment allows you to get your car to its destination without additional risk amidst COVID. Here are a few reasons why you should consider using a car transport service during this time. 

It is safer than driving

Perhaps you plan to purchase a car in another state or you have decided to shelter in place in your vacation home and you need your personal vehicle on hand. Whatever the reason, you may have found yourself considering auto shipment. There is no doubt that car transport services are the safest way to get your vehicle. You can arrange to have your vehicle delivered directly to your doorstep without you having to travel across the country to get it. This will prevent the need for you to fly or stay in hotels during this pandemic. 

It requires no physical contact

The auto transport industry is taking the COVID crisis seriously and has put protocols in place to ensure the safest experience for customers. You can make all of your shipping arrangements online or over the phone and you can arrange for door-to-door delivery which cuts out the need for any physical contact with a transporter. 

It is more affordable at this time

Due to the decrease in demand, you will find that auto transport prices have fallen at the moment. That means now is the perfect time to take advantage of lower prices and safer practices to leverage a great price on car transport service. 

What to do if you have to interact with an auto transport carrier during COVID

It is perfectly safe to ship a car during coronavirus, even if you are not using contactless delivery services. The important thing is to remember that you should take the same safety precautions as you would in any other situation. If you are planning to drop off or pick up your vehicle at a terminal, be sure to wear protective face coverings over your mouth and nose to reduce risk of infection. You should also wear disposable gloves and maintain a distance of six feet from the other person at all times. If possible, arrange payment online and be sure to wash your hands after meeting with the auto transport carrier. Upon delivery of your vehicle, be sure to wipe the interior with disinfectant wipes or any other areas that the carrier may have touched. 

Overall, there should be very little effect on the car shipping process as a result of COVID. All drivers are expected to follow CDC guidelines regarding facial coverings and there are plenty of ways to minimize contact with your transport carrier. Any reputable auto shipping company will be doing everything they can to provide a safe and secure auto shipping experience in order to continue meeting the needs of their customers. 

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