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Jan 16, 2024

With auto show season in full swing, it’s time to show the public new concepts, current automobiles and the debut of new models. Everyone will be there, from auto industry reps, car dealers, auto journalists and the public at large. As an important annual event, the auto show promotes not only bold new cars but the car companies that build them.

Cars are prepared with three things in mind:

1. Shows are prepared to draw people to the new automobile and the brand of cars with an interior pavilion that includes image advertising and many new automobiles beneath the company banner.

2. Shows are prepared to provide enough new and interesting vehicles so people have a reason to stay at the automobile exhibit and explore the new automobiles and brand.

3. Shows are prepared in the hope that people will leave with memories of what they can expect from the new automobiles.

The car company frequently comes up with a new design for the display. The display design might be used during the entire season and a few designs return the next year. If a new generational shift comes around, the car maker's people design a whole new pavilion to match the new generational look and feel. Automobile exhibits go up at local shows and national shows. The national shows are in the cities of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Detroit. The local shows in smaller markets tend to be more dealer-oriented.

How are the cars Displayed?

The cars are rolled out onto the floor of the auditorium much as they would be rolled out on a car dealership floor. The crowd of gawking people moves around them as they would at an auto dealership. They can touch the fender or sit in the bucket seat. A representative is usually close by to answer questions. The cars displayed are rolled off the assembly line not long before the show begins and they’re generally packed with all the features the car maker wants to show off to the public and news outlets.

The really special models are often raised on platforms so the public won’t have easy contact with the product even while they’re offered access enough to understand what the fuss is about. The debut cars and expensive luxury cars often get this kind of treatment.

How are the Cars transported to the auto show?

Sources who have worked in auto shows say the national shows haul display cars around on trailers between the big national auto shows. At the smaller shows, the cars are borrowed from dealerships and put on display. It’s not unusual at a smaller auto show to see a car you saw on display at a dealership to turn up on display at the auto show.

The cars on display are brand new examples of the car maker’s lineup. After the show, sources say they are returned to dealerships and sold like any other new car.

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