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Jan 16, 2024

When you are moving across state lines, it’s often easier to ship your vehicle instead of driving it across the country yourself.  Once you’ve found the right car shipping company, you’ll need to prepare your car ready for transportation. Follow these five steps to make sure your vehicle reaches its intended destination without any hiccups along the way!

Wash Your Car

Once you have the shipping date of your vehicle, make sure to clean the exterior of your car thoroughly. Washing the surface gives you an opportunity to do a detailed investigation and know the condition of your automobile. Look out for any dents, scratches and chipped paint that may be present and take photos of any defects that may be present on the car. Having this comprehensive information will help you notice if your car has incurred any damage during transportation.

Remove or Secure Loose Parts

Remove any loose or removable items on the exterior of your vehicle. Fold the side mirrors and retract or remove the car antenna and place it in the trunk. Dismount any non-permanent racks such as bike, ski, and luggage racks. If you have custom spoilers and other detachable parts, then remove them from the car to avoid damage.

Check Car Interior

Check the interior of your vehicle and remove any accessories that are custom made. Remove other detachable that can make your car venerable to theft such as GPS and DVD players. Most auto transporters do not check the car's interior and are not liable for any damage or loss of property.

Don’t Forget About Car Maintenance

While some vehicle maintenance tasks are easy to fix, others require the expertise of a mechanic. Inform your mechanic days in advance so that they can fix any issues in time.

Check the antifreeze, motor oil and battery life to determine if they need to be refilled or changed. The battery should be fully charged while the fluids including engine oil should be at the recommended levels. When your car is in good condition during shipping it will save you both time and money.

Empty the Gas Tank and Check the Odometer

A full gas tank will add unnecessary weight to the carrier and your car. Check that the gas tank is not more than ¼ full. Additional gas is not needed as your car will not be driven during long distance except when it's getting offloaded from the transport hauler.

Remember to check the odometer of your vehicle and record the displayed values.

When shipping your car to a new location, do extensive research to ensure the measures your taking will help your car reach its final destination in good shape. By following the above steps, your vehicle will be delivered to you in the same state it was before shipping.

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