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Jan 16, 2024

Are you looking to make a smart car investment by being a knowledgeable shopper, or are you going to the dealership blind sighted? There are many things car dealers don’t want you to know: we’re spilling 5 of them in this article, and how you can outwit them to pick the perfect vehicle for you!

Do Your Research

The #1 rule to smart car shopping? Use your most valuable resource for the best deal: the internet. Over 90 percent of car buyers research automobiles before they buy, and it’s worth the payoff. Checking out Kelly Blue Book or Autotrader offers valuable information, including rebates, safety ratings, and return of investment.

Earn a Discount By Paying Cash

As they say, cash is king! If you can pay with cash, choose that route and skip financing your vehicle. Many dealers will negotiate with you if you can pay upfront – which can lead to bigtime savings for the shopper.

Shop on the Website

Do your homework on the different cars you’re interested in (even a few models you’re not) before you head to the dealership and feel compelled to make a deal on the spot. Find a couple cars that you like and get the dealerships quote. Then shop around at other dealers in your area. How does their price compare? Can one dealership beat another’s price?

Skip the Dealership’s Financing Options (and Do It Yourself)

Paying for a cash with cash isn’t always a viable option for everyone. If that’s the case for you, that’s ok. Financing through your dealership isn’t your only option. Do your homework ahead of time and shop around for the best car loan independent of the dealership. Take your time to find the best deal and the best rate for your budget.

The Add-On’s Will Cost You

One of the biggest things the car dealer doesn’t want you to know is all the extras tacked on after you’ve said ‘yes’ to the car of your dreams. Certain add-ons are very profitable for the dealer, such as:

  • An extended warranty;
  • Rust coating;
  • Security system; or:
  • Paint protection.

Interested in one of these add-ons? Don’t believe the hype and don’t feel pressured to add it to your price tag. Negotiate first. Dealers are always trying to strike a deal, and you’re in control!

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