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Jan 16, 2024

Are you selling your car online for the first time, and feeling a bit overwhelmed? We’ll make the process easy as pie. Here, we’ve dived into the most common concerns first time online car sellers have.  Selling it doesn’t have to be a challenge – it can be simple and straight forward when you know what to expect.

Be Prepared to be Flexible

Even when your vehicle is in demand, expect a bit of scrutinization before the buyer signs on the dotted line. If you take your car to Carvana for example, an inspector will examine your vehicle from head to toe and mention things (minor dings on the door, stripped paint, etc.) which may decrease the value of your car.  Keep in mind this is normal.

If you think they’re lowballing you (compare it to the value you can reference in Kelly Blue Book), walk out. Take it somewhere else and compare prices before you commit.

Choose the Best Website

When it comes to selling your vehicle, you have some options. Here’s a few of the best:

  • CarGurus. If you go with this website, you won’t have to pay anything to list your vehicle, but you will have to pay them an $99 fee if you sell it.
  • Facebook Marketplace. As one of the newest online car retailers, it offers its pros and cons. To sell through Facebook, you’ll need a Facebook account and will have access to the buyer’s profile so it’s less anonymous than Facebook. It’s also a free platform for selling, just like CarGurus.

  • Bring-a-Trailer. Do you have a classic car you want to sell but aren’t sure where to post it? List it on Bring-A-Trailer, who offers classic car enthusiasts to its site frequently (so you can expect lots of passionate buyers!) It’s free to post, and a $99 fee when you sell.

Selling your car doesn’t have to difficult when you know what to expect and where to sell it. In fact, it can even be stress-free! If your buyer needs the car shipped, we’ve got you covered! With over 600 5-star online reviews and an iron-clad guarantee, we’re America’s favorite car shipping company.  Fill out our online contact form to receive a quote in minutes!

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