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Jan 16, 2024

Let’s face it, driving and phones DON’T MIX! But, did you know there are apps that help make your driving experience safer, more informed and sometimes…..more fun?  Here are our top 3 apps that help make driving a little easier and at times more enjoyable (Note: please always drive responsibly, and if you must take your eyes off the road to use any of the apps we’ve suggested, only do so when at a safe stop).

  1. Waze

Let’s face it.  In the world of navigation systems, Google Maps reigns as king.  But, did you know there is another Google-owned navigation app that is quickly becoming a crowd favorite? Waze!

Waze uses communication between drivers to help make each commute safer, more informed and more tolerable.  Feedback regarding traffic, the source of that traffic, law enforcement alerts (oh yea, that’s there too!) road hazards, etc., are constantly updated as drivers inform other drivers along their commute.

You can also connect personally with your friends, or other drivers, who also use Waze. And the best part, Waze periodically adds celebrity voices to make navigation more entertaining; these include Mr. T, Morgan Freeman and Keith Morrison from Dateline.

  1. Gas Buddy

Your next road trip doesn’t have to be littered with sketchy gas station bathrooms any longer.  With Gas Buddy, you can plan all the best pit-stops, equipped with the cleanest restrooms, find your favorite road-snacks, charging stations, and real-time fuel prices.

Even better, every time you update Gas Buddy on its gas prices, you can earn points toward free prizes and even free gas!

  1. Dash

Own a car before 2009? Without a digital read out, chances are you have no idea what is going on inside.  Dash can replace the technology in your car, giving it a much needed upgrade so you can stay connected at all times.

Dash connects to your car’s engine with your smartphone.  All of your car’s diagnostics can be displayed right at your fingertips.  Stats like: temperature, mileage, tire pressure, gas efficiency, and even driving habits.

It is also an information center, defining what all those lights on your dash really mean. Note: While the app is free, it cannot function without the installation of an on-board diagnostic device ($10 to $99).

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