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Jan 16, 2024

Whether you’re a snowbird migrating to the Sunshine State for the winter or a young professional who’s just landed a job in Florida, there’s a host of logistics that accompany such a move. Shipping your car, for instance, requires forethought and knowledge. Here are some tips to bear in mind if you’re planning to transport your vehicle to Florida.

Do Your Research

Selecting a shipping company that suits your preferences and needs will bode well for the shipping process. Given the vast amount of options available, selectivity is warranted. Be as choosy as you’d like, for your precious cargo will be in the hands of someone else. According to experts, the truth is in the reading. With that said, testimonials are your best friend when it comes to nailing down a specific shipping company. Above all else, you’ll want to decide on a company that’s in close proximity to where you’ll be staying. Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Tampa are the major cities you’ll want to look into.

Be Inquisitive

Don’t shy away from asking straightforward questions. If you’re unsure about what’s included in the cost, how long it’ll take to ship, or anything else that arouses curiosity, inquiring goes a long way.

Be Wary Of the Sun

Florida is nicknamed the Sunshine State for a good reason. If your vehicle is sensitive to the sun, you’ll likely want to invest in an enclosed carrier. Otherwise, exposure to the sun could damage your car’s paint job.

Set A Time Frame

Be mindful of how long it will take the car to ship to your destination. What shipping companies find particularly peeving has to house your car for an extended period of time due to a lack of planning. What’s more, it would be quite an inconvenience to arrive in Florida only to find that your car won’t be arriving for another two days. With that in mind, establishing a time frame is always prudent.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Savvy car owners prime their car for the journey ahead in case things go amiss. It’s for this reason why taking inventory of your vehicle, removing personal items, and cleaning the exterior are essential before the car shipping process is underway. Should your car arrive with a foreign dent or scratch, it’ll be easy to discern whether or not it was your doing.

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